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May 19-20

event 0

(CPS email sign-in required)

you will have 24 hours to code something really cool




we will provide workshops and mentors

and then you get awards

category best



best overall

more than $16000 in prizes!


11:00doors open

12:00opening ceremony

12:30pitch your ideas and form teams!


01:15coding starts; workshops


08:30CTF (a hacking game)

12:00midnight snack

12:15slideshow karaoke



10:00project deadline; voting start

11:00presentations start

11:30awards and closing ceremony

12:00we're done!


ChiTech Academy is a CPS charter school located in Little Italy. It is a walking distance from the blue line, as well as the 60, 9, 12, and 18 bus routes. Free parking will also be provided.


Do I have to stay the whole time?

You will be able to exit and enter at any point, but you should definitely stay if you want the full hackathon experience!

What can I make?

Any tech-related thing you want, but we will be giving out sectional prizes only to video games, applications (desktop or mobile), and sites. We do have one strict rule, however: you must complete all work during the actual event.

Do I have to come with a team?

We actually encourage participants to not have teams picked ahead of time - we'll give you plenty of opportunities to find one during the event.

I'm from a non-CPS school! Can I still participate?

We're really sorry, but this specific event is limited to CPS high school and middle school students. Chicode does plan on doing more open events during the next school year, so stay tuned for that.

I don't know anything about computers!

That's totally fine! Event0 is a great place to discover the wonderful world of coding. We'll teach you coding through our exciting workshops, and then help you along for the rest of the event.

What should I bring?

A toothbrush, sleeping bag, and CPS ID or ID number. We also strongly recommend bringing a computer of some sort, but we'll be able to lend you a laptop if you need one.

What is this hackathon thing anyway?

A hackathon is a coding event where you're given 24 or 36 hours to build something you're passionate about. We've taken that idea and put our own twist on it, which means that event0 will be just as exciting, but also more accessible and community-oriented.

How much does it cost?

Event0 is completely free! The only thing that we require is a productive attitude and a desire to learn something awesome.

Is there an application deadline?

The deadline is the Friday before the event. However, we do strongly encourage you to sign up as early as possible, as spots are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.

I'm in middle school! Can I still come?

Absolutely! We accept all CPS middle and high school students.

I'm a parent! Can I stay with my child?

Unfortunately, we do require that all parents leave by 1:15, which is when the coding starts. We will have over 20 adults, 1 security guard, and an army of mentors on site at all times, so your child will be completely safe. We will also lock down the school between 8pm and 8am, but you can pick your child up at any other time. Come back around 10 on Sunday to see all the projects.

I still have a question!

No worries! Shoot us an email at [email protected] or message us on Twitter.


Interested in getting involved? Email us at [email protected] to get started.


We are high school students, just like you, that want to further CS within Chicago. All of us love coding and want to see more CPS classes do it - that's why we created Chicode, an organization dedicated to doing just that. Check out all the things we do below: